HFU and Sapporo University Hold a Video Conference


On the morning of March 30th, HFU’s Vice President Chen Xiu and Chairman Arakawa Hiroki of the University Board of Sapporo hold a video conference on exchange and cooperation between the two universities. 

At the beginning, both parties review the history of the exchange and  its current progress. Chen Xiu expresses expectations for HFU to revise and supplement the cooperation agreement, and reinforce the cooperation in the specialty construction of Japanese, as well as the programs of PE and Art, so as to make it more pragmatic and effective. She also proposes to apply for Sino-Japan cooperative programs on the basis of full equality and mutual trust.

Chairman Arakawa Hiroki and President of Sapporo University Omori expect to strengthen the communication with Japanese specialty of School of Foreign Languages. They also put forward some suggestions on the implementation of the specific scheme.

 Agreement has been reached on the revision of their former agreement and plans of teachers exchange, with a more effective communication mechanism established. The two universities will further deepen the cooperation in Japanese specialty construction for mutual development.