HFU Honorary Professor Christian Wilhelm Wulff Won the 2022 Chinese Government Friendship Award


Jointly recommended by HFU and Tongji University, former Governor of Lower Saxony and President of Germany, Christian William Wulff won the 2022 Chinese Government Friendship Award for his contributions to the cooperation between China and Germany in the fields of humanities, education, science and technology. Professor Wulff is the fifth HFU foreign expert winning the Award.

Since he became Governor of Lower Saxony in 2003, he has actively promoted the education and cultural cooperation between China and Germany, especially the cooperation between HFU and universities in the state of Lower Saxony. In 2017. Professor Wulff, was appointed HFU Honorary Professor. Besides, he has visited China six times and HFU five times respectively and participated in or presided over Sino-Germany Symposium of Applied Higher Education fifteen times, which contributes a lot to the cooperation and exchange between HFU and German universities.

Chinese Government Friendship Award is the highest award set up by the Chinese government to commend foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to China’s modernization as well as exchange and cooperation with other countries. Previously, one Korean professor and three German professors at HFU have won this Award, and 13 foreign experts have won the Huangshan Friendship Award of Anhui Province.