Basic Teaching and Training Center


Basic Teaching and Training Center is a subordinate teaching unit established in August 2018. Renamed from Basic Teaching and Experimental Center founded in April 2011, it has developed into an important teaching and practical training base of HFU after over 10 years’ development.

      The Center has 48 faculty members, including 3 professors, 11 associate professors (or senior experimentalists), 28 lecturers (or experimentalists) and 6 teaching assistants (or assistant experimentalists), among whom 3 have Doctoral degree and 28 Master’s degree. The Center has an Administration Office, a Teaching Administration Office, and 5 teaching sections, including College English Teaching and Research Section, Public Computer Teaching and Research Section, Electrical and Electronic Training Lab, Metalworking Training Base, and Public Computer Application Lab. Among them, the College English Teaching and Research Section is entitled Demonstration Base of Experiential College English Teaching Reform, and the Electrical and Electronic Lab is a demonstration center funded by Anhui Provincial Department of Education for basic experimental teaching in colleges and universities

The Center covers an area of over 15,000 square meters and is equipped with nearly 600 sets of instruments and equipment, as well as more than 1,000 computers. The College English Teaching and Research Section is responsible for the teaching of College English for all the non-English majors in HFU, while the Public Computer Teaching and Research Section offers basic computer courses and computer practice. The Electrical and Electronic Training Lab is responsible for electrical and electronic experiments and practical training. Openly managed, the Public Computer Application Lab provides both teachers and students with opportunities for innovation activities, scientific and technological activities, and social scientific activities.

Currently, the Center has 5 projects under research, including projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation, major special projects of Anhui Province, Natural Science Research Projects of Colleges and Universities of Anhui Province. With the goal of improving the cultivation quality of application-oriented professionals, the Center implements the talent training mode based on the integration of knowledge, ability and quality for the social need, and is devoted to the advancement of Hefei University and the Sino-German Education Cooperation Demonstration Base.