School of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering


School of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering was founded in 2019 by merging Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering and Teaching Section of Physics. Now it consists of 4 departments: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Automation, and Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, together with the Teaching Section of College Physics, and the Lab and Practice Center, which covers an area of 16,000 square meters, with fixed assets worth over 92 million yuan.

I. Programs

Program of Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation is one of the first batch of National First-class Programs as well as a National Outstanding Engineer Cultivation Program. Program of Electronic Information Engineering is a National Featured Program as well as one of the first batch of Anhui Provincial First-class Programs. Program of Automation is a National Outstanding Engineer Cultivation Program as well as one of the first batch of Anhui Provincial First-class Programs.

II. Faculty

The School boasts 141 faculty members, including 25 professors and 44 associate professors, together with 11 foreign visiting professors, among which over 97% hold Master’s degree and 70 have doctorates. Additionally, 69 teachers enjoy an engineering background and 6 of the 27 lab teachers hold doctorates. Over 40 teachers have studied and conducted research in Germany, the United States, and other countries, which helps them with their teaching and scientific research. Among the faculty members, 1 is entitled “National Model Teacher”, 1 “National Outstanding Teacher”, and 1 “National Outstanding Teacher in Vocational Education.”

III. Achievements

 The School is a demonstration base for cultivating high-quality undergraduates in Anhui Province with rich teaching and research achievements: 2 first prizes for the National Teaching Achievement Award, 3 special prizes, 6 first prizes, 6 second prizes, and 3 third prizes for Anhui Provincial Teaching Achievement Award in the last 5 years. Additionally, “Communication Principles” has been listed as the national first-class course and such 9 courses selected to be provincial first-class courses as “Communications Circuit and System”, “Process-Oriented Programming”, “Fundamentals of Power Technology”, “Basics of Mechanical Manufacturing”, “Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technology”, “Digital Electronics Technology”, “Control Technology”, “Electronics Technology III” and “Process Control and Instrumentation”. In 2020, the School won 1 second prize and 1 third prize for Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Award, while in 2021 1 first prize and 1second prize for Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. In the same year 31 SCI/EI indexed papers got published and 14 authorized invention patents obtained.

IV. Competencies and Prospects

   (1) Competencies

   Currently the School has a total of 2012 undergraduates, who participated in 23 academic competitions and won 118 awards in 2021, including 28 national-level and 90 provincial-level awards.

   (2) Prospects

With an employment rate above 95% for the past 3 years, undergraduates with qualified professional knowledge and applied abilities are well commended by their employers. Most undergraduates work in enterprises and institutions related to their specialty, engaged in scientific research and development, production design, application development, technical management, education and teaching. About 10% of them are admitted to Master’s programs of some prestigious universities for further study of electronics, communications, mechanical, and computer science.