School of International Education


With extensive experience in international cooperation and exchange, Hefei University is one of the 18 universities in Anhui province qualified for international students education, as well as a training unit offering the provincial and municipal scholarships such as Studying in Anhui and Studying in Hefei for international students. In 2014, Hefei University was approved as a training university for international students sponsored by Chinese Government Scholarship. In 2019, it passed China Quality Certification of Education for International Students commissioned by the Ministry of Education.

Founded in February 2020, School of International Education, is a subordinate college of Hefei University responsible for international education with three functional offices: Administration Office, Admission and Administration Office, and Teaching Administration Office.

With the University’s orientation of Locality, Application and Internationalization, the School is committed to promoting the international students’ education and international cooperation and exchanges at various levels, through various channels and in various fields, for the sake of the University’s international impact. Centering on the goal of “actively and steadily developing international students’ education and improving their cultivation quality”, the School is devoted to exploring an education system for international students in line with the conditions of Anhui province and Hefei University.

The School has a teaching faculty of 39 teachers, including 2 professors, 17 associate professors and 1 senior lecturer, 30 of whom have Masters or Doctoral degree. Some of them have the experience of teaching Chinese courses in such countries as Germany, South Korea, Egypt, and Senegal. Besides a stable and high-quality professional teaching team, the School has also established an efficient system for managing international students: international student apartments with 24-hour on-duty service personnel; classrooms and mentors for international students, which guarantees a good learning and living environment. International students maintain a high passing rate in the HSK Level 4 Exam every year.          

At present, there are 204 international students from such countries as South Korea, Germany, Cambodia, Nepal, and Laos, 172 of whom are enrolled in the degree program with 28 Chinese and cultural courses offered.