School of Language, Culture and Media


School of Language, Culture and Media was set up in 2019 on the basis of the Department of Chinese Language founded in 1980. Currently, it has Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Journalism and Digital Media, International Chinese Language Education Center, and 1 Experimental Training center. It offers a professional Master’s degree program of Journalism and Communication, and 4 undergraduate programs of Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism, Network and New Media, and Chinese Language International Education, among which Journalism is one of National First-class Undergraduate Programs as well as one of Anhui Provincial Excellent Journalism Talent Training Programs, while Chinese Language and Literature is one of Anhui Provincial First-class Undergraduate Programs.

The School has established a multi-functional journalism and communication lab, a multimedia speech lab, an OA lab for students of Chinese Language and Literature program, a platform of Creative Workshop for students extracurricular activities, a library as well as a co-founded Zhuzi Research Association of Anhui Province. The School has 49 faculty members, including 9 professors and 17 associate professors, with senior academic titles accounting for 53% of the whole. 18 teachers hold Doctorate degree, 19 Masters degree and 2 currently in their Doctoral programs.

Hosting 7 national social science projects, 5 humanities and social science projects sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Education, and more than 50 Anhui provincial-level projects, School of Language, Culture, and Media has made achievements in the fields of Chinese culture, ancient Chinese literature, modern and contemporary literature, and research on Anhui regional culture. The teaching faculty have published over 300 papers in national and provincial journals, 22 monographs, edited and co-edited more than 30 textbooks, including 4 provincial planned textbooks. Three provincial-level high-quality courses have been set up: Ancient Chinese Literature, Anhui Writers and Modern Chinese Literature, The Relations Between Scholars in the Tang and Song Dynasties and Anhui, 7 university-level ones, including General Theory of Chinese Culture, Brand Communication, and News Interview and MOOC demonstration courses as well. Multiple provincial key quality projects have been hosted, and the First Prize of Anhui Provincial Teaching Achievements Award have been won twice together with multiple government awards, including the Second Prize for Anhui Provincial Social Science Achievement Award.

In response to the social demands for both theoretical and practical abilities of students in programs of Chinese Language and Literature, and Journalism, the School actively collaborated with administrative organs, enterprises and public institutions such as General Office of the Standing Committee of Hefei Municipal Peoples Congress, General Office of the CPPCC Hefei Municipal Committee, Hefei Press Media Group, and Hefei Television Station to build jointly more than 20 practical teaching and employment bases for students. The School has a program with close cooperation with South Korea over decades in International Education of Chinese Language ( 2+2 Sino-Korea Cooperative Training Program). Since 1999, intercollegiate exchanges with 8 universities in South Korea have been carried out, and 12 teachers have been invited by the Office of Chinese Language Council International to get engaged in Chinese language teaching and promotion in countries such as South Korea, Germany, Egypt, and Senegal. 2 visiting professors from cooperative universities are employed all year round to undertake the management of teaching for international students. It has received more than 500 foreign students in the past 7 years, among whom more than 100 students have obtained their Bachelor’s degree of Chinese Language and Literature. 

Based on professional construction, the School continuously explores new modes of talent cultivation according to the social needs, and improves the teaching quality. Since 2006, over 100 students from the School have won various national and provincial awards in competitions such as the National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students, Anhui Provincial Challenge Cup, College Student Writing Contest, and Essay Writing Competition.