Economic Engineering (3+1)


Period of Study : Four Years (3+1)

Degree: Bachelor of EconomicsChina & Germany)

Objectives: The programme, co-set by Hefei University and German Hildesheim-Herzogen-Göttingen University of Applied Sciences,aims to enables students to specialise inengineering techniques and management in compound fields (production management, control, consulting, finance, logistics, etc.).

Plan:Students are supposed to have their studyat Hefei University for the first three years, completing the basic German courses, and specialized courses taught by German teachers. For the next one year, students are to study at German Hildesheim/Herzogen/Göttingen University of Applied Sciences to complete the required credits, and to complete Graduation Design (Dissertation).

Curriculum German, Nature Foundation, Engineering Foundation, Municipal FacilitiesModule, Energy Supply, Economics, Project Module, Specialization Module (China ), Specialization Module (Germany)