Industrial Design (3+1)


Period of Study:Four Years (3+1)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering in China & Bachelor of Literature in Germany

Objectives:The program aims to enable students to specialize in designing and developing light industry and other industrial products, industrial design teaching, research and management, and to develop their practical and organizational skills, aesthetic ability, and design creativity.

Plan:For the first 3 years, students study at Hefei University basic courses (modules) including Basic German andspecialized courses (modules) taught by German professors. For the fourth year, students study at Hannover University of Applied Sciences or other Germany universities. Graduates are conferred degrees of both universities.

Curriculum: German, Advanced Mathematics, Engineering Graphics, Technology/Structure, Material/Technology, Design Art History, Ergonomics, Industrial Design Theory/Methodology, System Design Training/Design Methodology, Conceptual Design, Product Project Practice, Model Design, Industrial Design CAD, Animation Basics, Patent Law, etc.