Computer Science and Technology (2+3)


Period of Study:Five Years (2+3)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (China &Germany)

Objectives: With the dual-college-dual-phase-dual-degree”talentcultivation mode, the program aims to enable students to specialize inbasic theories and practical skills of computer hardware and software, and to prepare students for a variety of career choices in the fields of developing, designing and integrating computer application system in China and other foreign countries.

Plan:  According to the agreement between JadeUniversity of Applied Sciences and Hefei University, students are supposed to have their study at Hefei University for the first two years, and to further their study at Germany for the next three years. Graduates will be conferred BE (Bachelor of Engineering) Degree by the two universities respectively.

Curriculum (in China): German,German for Computer Science and Technology, College Physics,Advanced Mathematics,Information Technology,Basic Electronic Engineering and Electronics.