Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation (2+3)


Period of Study: Five Years (2+3 )

Degree :Bachelor of EngineeringChina & Germany

Objectives: Referring to the talent cultivation mode of universities of applied sciences in Germany and taking advantage of both Chinese and German universities, the program aims to enables students to specialise in designing, manufacturing, researching, teaching, managing and marketing of mechanical engineering.The programe equips students with knowledge-based theories, practical abilities and innovative spirit to be engaged in designing, manufacturing, researching, teaching, managing and marketing in the field of mechanical engineering.  

Plan: According to the agreement between Oldenburg-Ostfriesl–Wilhelmshaven University of Applied Sciences and Hefei University, students are supposed to have their study at Hefei University for the first two years, and to further their study at Germany for the next three years. Graduates will be conferred BE(Bachelor of Engineering) Degree by the two universities respectively.

Curriculum: German, English, Advanced Mathematics, Engineering  Mathematics, Descriptive Geometry, Mechanical Drawing, Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Engineering Material, Mechanical Design, Electrical and Electronic Technology,  Control Theory, Principle of Microcomputer, Mechanical Manufacturing Technology,Numerical Control Technology, Hydraulic Transmission, Electromechanical Transmission Control, Mechanical CAD/CAM, Measuring and Testing Technology.