Machinery Design, Manufacture and Automation (3+1)


Period of Study : Four Years (3+1 )

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (China & Germany)

Objectives: With the “dual-college-dual-phase-dual-degree” talents cultivation mode, the program aims to enables students to specialise in designing, manufacturing, researching, teaching, managing and marketing of mechanical engineering.

The specialty adopts “dual-college-dual-phase-dual-degree” talents cultivation mode,  taking advantages of resources in both Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Hefei University The program equips students with knowledge-based theories related to mechanical engineering and mechanical automation, practical abilities and innovative spirit to work in the fields of  designing, manufacturing, researching, managing and marketing of mechanical engineering.  

Plan: According to the agreement between German Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Hefei University, students are supposed to have their study at Hefei University for the first three years, and to further their study at Germany for the next one year. Graduates will be conferred BE(Bachelor of Engineering) Degree by the two universities respectively.

Referring to the module teaching in German universities, the program aims to produce “high-level-applied- internationalized”talents. The teaching plan is made jointly by two universities. Students finish their study of the first three years in Hefei University and go further study in Hannover University of Applied Sciences in the fourth year. In Germany they have one semester for internship and one semester for graduation thesis under the guidance of German professors. Students can get diplomas awarded by both of the two universities and after graduation they have chances to go further study for a master degree in Germany.

Curriculum: German, Advanced Mathematics and Calculus, Applied Engineering Mathematics Mechanical CAD, Applied Engineering Mathematics, Machine Elements, Material and Manufacture, Electrotechnical Equipment, Basisof Electrotechnics, Dynamics,  Programming Languages, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission, Measurement and Sensors Basics, Control Technologies, Cross Culture Communication, Team Working, Design and Simulation Techniques, Working Machinery, Working Process, Energy and Driving,  Autocontrol Technology