Logistic Management(3.5+0.5)


Period of Study: Four Years 3.5+0.5

Degree: Bachelor of Management (China), Bachelor of Business Economics and Management (Germany)

Objectives:The programme aims to enable students to specialize inlogistics and supply chain system planning, supply chain logistics operation managing and etc.Students are to be of knowledge of German, Management, Logistics, Operations Research, Economics, after undergoing training in the field of Computer NetworkTechnique, ModernCommunicationTechnology, ElectronicBusinessTechnology and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. with basic skills and management ability in logistics and supply chain system planning, supply chain logistics operation managing and etc.

Plan:The 50% of courses are taught by German Professors. In the first five semesters, students are supposed to finish the German language learning and pass the German proficiency exam held by German relevant institute. Those who pass the exams are qualified for the specialization. In the sixth semesters, students study in Osnabrueck University of Applied Sciences. And then students come back to Hefei University to finish the rest specialization, and their graduation dissertation in both Chinese and German.

Curriculum: Enterprise Economics, Basic National Economics,Tax Accounting & Tax Planning, Accounting, Controlling, Sealing and Logistics, Operations Research, Logistics Management, Logistics Information Management /Technology, Field Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Control, Purchasing Management, Communication and Key Competencies, Management Solutions /Tools, Logistics Project Training, Enterprise Logistics, International Logistics and Trade etc.