Tourism Management (1.5+1.5)


Period ofStudy :ThreeYears (1.5+1.5)

Objectives: To meet the demands of modern international tourism, the program aimsatcultivating students with corresponding skills in tour guide and international tourism operation and management, who are competent in using Korean, understanding social and cultural backgrounds of China and South Korea and operating travel agencies and star-rated hotels.

Plan: As a co-set program by Hefei University and Halla University of South Korea, the 1.5+1.5 program, viz the first year and a half in Hefei University, the restin Halla University upon individual application and examination, would confer students with associate diplomas issued by both universities upon their graduation.Excellent students under the program could further their undergraduate education in South Korea.

Curriculum (in China):  Intensive Korean Reading, Korean Listening and Speaking, Touring Geography of China, Guides Supervision, Brief  Introductions to Korea,  Folk Customs and Culture of Korea,  Basic IT Technology, Ancient Chinese Culture, Travel Agency Management, Packages and Marketing of Travel Agencies, etc.