Korean (2+2 )


Period of Study: Four Years (2+2)

Degree: Bachelor Degree of ArtChina & South Korea)

Objectives: with “dual-college-dual-phase-dual-degree” as its talent cultivation mode, the programme aims to enable students to be competent in applying Korean language for jobs of translation, international trade, Sino-Korea secretary, international tourism and Korean language teaching.

Plan: Students are supposed to have their study in Hefei University for the first two years, and pass the Korean Language Proficiency Test (Level Four). Courses for the next two years are to be done in Soon Chun Hyang University of South Korea. Qualified students will be awarded Bachelors degrees by the two universities respectively.

Curriculum: Basic Korean, Oral Korean, Applied Writing in Korean, Primary Korean Reading, Korean Grammar, Korean Listening, Intermediate Korean, Korean Translation.